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Hello everyone, this is the front page for “The Dark Lichdom.” Currently, things are rather sparse, but as the universe grows so too will this. I will be posting tools and resources to this page, along with good starting pages for reading. The links on the sidebar will lead you to all of the prepared material for the campaign, I recommend the adventure log and wiki. Below is the starting list of particularly useful resources and game info.


Game Logs


(House Rules)

  • Direction Shall be No Factor in Distance
  • If an Attacker, by Drawing a Straight Line from the Center of His/Her Occupied Space to the Center of a Comrade’s Occupied Space, Would Cross Through the Area of Their Foe’s Space, Then That Foe is Considered Flanked for the Attackers Purposes
  • The Moment a Dice Exits the Table Play Area, It is no Longer Playable, and Any Result Must be Re-rolled
  • All Player-Characters May Equip and/or Change Weapons as a Swift Action
  • Critical Failures Shall Result in the Application of Conditions

Home Page

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